Community Based Rehabilitation

Changing the perspective of community towards wellbeing of children including special need.

The community based rehabilitation program was initiated in 2002 and continued by SEED till now. This program embedded with sectors; Empowerment Campus (EC): A special school to ensure the educational rights of children with special needs, Special Education Unit (SEU): Establishment of special education units at main stream schools with the collaboration of government as a pathway to Inclusive. Inclusive Education (IE): Children with Special needs enjoy their right of education in mainstream schools. Vocational Training (VT): Provide vocational trainings for trainees with special needs for increasing their employability skills to compete in job market, and Village Based Rehabilitation (VBR): Rehabilitation of people with special needs at village level and improve their physical accessibility and accessibility of public services.

The Empowerment Campus (EC)

Empower EC students to gain /move towards social recognition and equal opportunities within the family and society. EC is working with children with mild to severe learning disabilities and speech and hearing impairment who cannot attend regular school because of their special needs, or, non availability of special education at mainstream schools and extreme extraverted behaviour.

The Special Educational Unit (SEU)

In collaboration with the department of education in providing resources, enhancing the capacity of teachers, creation of new special education units, increase awareness on special need and increase the standard of education delivery in existing units. SEU is working with children with special needs in mainstream schools, by making the environment more conducive for their development, providing teacher training and classroom resources.

Village-based Rehabilitation (VBR)

Enhance the community activities to improve inclusion of persons with special needs in their villages and ensure adequate awareness among community members of issues requirements, and importance of special needs; VBR is working with families, assisting individuals who are unable to move out of their homes due to severe disability or poverty through occupational therapy, personalised education, and provision of adapted household appliances. This includes the development of integrated children’s clubs.

Inclusive Education (IE)

Children with Special needs enjoy their right of education and inclusion at mainstream elementary and secondary school.

The project is focusing to support the education sector in order to implement their inclusive education policy in the Northern and the Eastern provinces. The National Institute of Education [NIE] was coordinated as a reliable agency that closely works for inclusive education through research and capacity. The programme is being implemented with the collaboration of respective ministries, departments, NIE and other relevant stakeholders. Accordingly SEED is initiating the implementation of this project in Vavuniya district since August 2017

Vocational Training (VT)

Develop skills of the vocational trainees with special needs to face the demands of the job market.
VT provides dedicated support to young adults with special needs to develop employment skills and facilitate gainful employment, with training in handicraft (small sculpture and artwork), wood carving, organic farming and sewing and leather work.